How to choose and use wallpaper properly?

- Jan 25, 2018 -

The principle of choose and buy

1. Auxiliary materials principle.

When choosing wallpaper, also need to know the base film (wall cover), glue powder, glue use function, they will affect the construction quality of wallpaper directly and later effect.

A complete set of wallpaper construction including the base paint glue wallpaper, any link not environmental protection will affect the final construction effect.

Invisible link - primer and glue are more critical.

The construction of many wallpaper is caused by glue.

2. The principle of color fastness.

Colorful colorful wallpaper is beautiful, but don't forget to wipe with wet cloth on site, to see whether decoloring, especially some concave and convex texture wallpaper, little not often clean care in the future.

3. Carrying out environmental testing principles.

Environmental protection depends on the material and the material grade of the wallpaper, the printing process, etc., the scene can be through the burning of samples (high environmental protection grade wallpaper no burning smell of smoke, ash is gray powder) and smell (PVC wallpaper has obvious plastic taste, low level of the wallpaper has a very strong smell of printing ink) to identify.

The new and odorless paper pulp wallpaper has the highest environmental rating.

4. Caring about the material principle.

The wallpaper in the market is various, but the material is also many, among them the paper base PVC wallpaper is more than half, the raw material cost is relatively low, some import PVC wallpaper price is very high;

High-grade wallpaper is usually made of pure paper and non-woven fabrics.


Metope is decorated is a place that sees a lot of kung fu, in general, metope can use the material such as wallpaper, wall brick, wall cloth to undertake decorating.

Interior wall decoration can protect the wall, make indoor beautiful, comfortable;

In addition, it can adjust the relative humidity of indoor air, improve the bedroom environment, and finally assist the wall to play acoustic functions such as sound absorption and reflection.

Interior decoration effect is made up by the texture of decoration material, line pattern and color, the distance between people and metope is relatively close, so appropriate adornment is exquisite, delicate, beautiful.

Interior metope adornment material has woodiness, coating, wallpaper, marble and ceramic tile, should according to oneself taste and bedroom metope character, choose appropriate material.

Different metope decorate material will show different visual effect, according to master character and hobby, buy different material, make decorate more personalize.


With the continuous application of new technology, the performance of the wallpaper in greatly improved, such as increasing the new properties such as flame retardant, breathable, environmental protection, as a result, many interior designers began to a large number of USES the wallpaper to decorate a bedroom.

The variety of wallpaper variety can adapt to the various styles of fashion, the materials also become various, let a person dizzying.

The large area monochromatic wallpaper is popular in the bedroom wall, bright color can stimulate the mood of the person, suit to use in dining-room and sitting room;

The color that cool color or brightness is low can make a person concentrate, mood is stable, use in the study or work room is most appropriate;

Light color lets a person mood relaxed and relaxed, can use in the bedroom.

Buy wallpaper by volume.

Before choosing wallpaper, it is better to estimate the amount of wallpaper, so as to buy the same batch of wallpaper, reduce unnecessary trouble, and avoid waste.

The amount of wallpaper is calculated using the following formula:

Dosage of wallpaper

(volume) = room perimeter * room height * (100+K)/ per volume of square meters, K is the loss rate of wallpaper, generally 3 ~ 10.

General standard wallpaper for each roll can be spread.

5.3 square meters.

The size of K value is related to the following factors: the size of the wallpaper pattern: the large design of the joint is complicated with the flowers, so the utilization ratio of the small design is lower, so the K value is slightly larger.

The pattern ratio of flowers needs to be lower than that of flowers, and the value of K is slightly larger.

The pattern of the same direction is lower than the horizontal pattern, and the K value is slightly larger.

Pasting surface properties: it is more complicated than normal plane, with high K value;

Splicing method: the use of the splicing method is high and the value of K is small.

The paper USES the overlap cutting method to paste the paper wallpaper utilization low, K value is large.

Perimeter algorithm:

The total length of the room is measured around the room, not including the floor-to-ceiling Windows, but the average window area must be calculated, which is the perimeter of your room.

Because wall paper price is not cheap, and dosage is big, occupy the proportion that decorate is bigger.

How to choose wallpaper, how much to buy is appropriate, these issues must be considered before the choice.


Even the same room, choose different texture, the wallpaper of design and color, dosage is also different.

When buying, want to consult the sales personnel in detail, determine after the variety, calculate dosage.

When buying, it is better to buy a few more, leave margin, in case of repair later use, otherwise, may have chromatic aberration when buying.

Wallpaper, seasonal sense of clear cut jacket.

The wallpaper is not as easy to use as the fabric, but it has a wider range of applications and more texture.

Wallpaper appear changed the fixed decorate style, as a product of partition is not often change chang xin, but let master carpenters help you forge or sell DIY furniture factory production of partition whenever can free change.

According to the color of season or bedroom, style, atmosphere, use cloth art or wallpaper to make a coat to partition, can often take new face to show a person.

The wallpaper is easy to change the style, change color, pattern and so on, compare to the love of DIY group, when buying wallpaper, want to choose according to need.

Generally speaking, the following styles are suitable for family decoration:

The wallpaper of fresh and elegant style: apply to the wallpaper of the sitting room and bedroom space partition.

Concise modern style wallpaper: apply to the wallpaper of the sitting room and dining-room space partition.

The wallpaper of warm anacreontic style: apply to the wallpaper of bedroom and study space partition.

Wallpaper designs are very beautiful, also can be pasted on the old furniture, furniture will glow the new vitality, and if metope is of the same style wallpaper, the overall style of the bedroom is very harmonious, natural, beautiful, or exaggerated patterns, for some old furniture, is a good choice.


Wallpaper can also guest on the screen above, the choice of personalized wallpaper as the screen design, there is a cheap and fine double effect.

In addition, the wallpaper can also be applied in small places, such as receive a case appearance, plate below the eat mat, the adornment of metope, etc., although is a guest, if used properly, has the remarkable effect.

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