How to choose pvc wallpaper

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Buying wallpapers should select regular manufacturers, have their own production lines and factories, so that there is quality assurance.

Environmental protection or not, such as the environmental value of the test wallpaper depends on the quality of materials and materials, printing process, etc., conditional scene can pass the combustion sample (no wallpaper with high environmental protection level has no burning odor and no smoke, ash is grey powder) and smell (PVC wallpaper has obvious plastic taste, low-grade wallpaper has very strong printing ink taste) to identify, some of the wallpaper manufacturer's product test report contains moisture, and can not fully explain the problem, the newly opened and no odor pulp The environmental protection level of the wallpaper is the highest, it is recommended that children's rooms do not use PVC wallpaper.

The wallpaper has many colors and it can attract people's attention for the first time. However, when choosing a good color, be sure to ask about its material, because the wallpaper of the same color may use different materials. The more common materials are paper. Base PVC, pure pulp, non-woven materials, etc., of which paper-based PVC wallpaper accounted for more than half, its relatively low cost of raw materials, some imported PVC wallpaper price is very high, so the price is not too polite, this type of wallpaper can It is easily identified by tearing (with two distinct layers, elastic on the surface) and burning (black smoke and pungent smell); high-grade wallpaper is usually made of pure paper and non-woven materials.

You can't covet and buy something that has no formal channels.

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