How to choose the living room wallpaper?

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Hospitality of Chinese traditional culture, to become one of the reasons that people attach importance to the sitting room decorate, the stand or fall of the sitting room decorate not only affect the environment of the reception guests, the living room is also a family gathering, the main venues of family activities, so the style and decoration of the sitting room of the sitting room decorate quality directly reflects his owner's life taste and expectations for the future life.

For the adornment of the sitting room metope some choose background wall, some people choose wallpaper, all of these to select according to domestic demand, small make up today is the choice of the sitting room wallpaper azimuth Angle from the sitting room to give you some advice.

Living room wallpaper


Suggest a

What kind of wallpaper to buy is related to the orientation of the sitting room, but the sitting room faces is north, we need to choose the sitting room wallpaper of warm color.

This is because the sitting room of north is general sunshine cannot direct illuminate, indoor environment is relatively dark, choose warm color of wallpaper, can improve indoor shade cold feeling.

At the same time warm color of wallpaper color warmth, to the family warm feelings.

Usually choose the wallpaper of delicate design to base, for example the flower and bird grass of delicate fragrance, not only sedate pure color foil, also present master good grade.


Suggest two

When facing the living room facing south, we need to choose the sitting room wallpaper of cool color.

This is because the sitting room facing south, direct sunlight, the sitting room sunshine time is long, and for this kind of situation use cool color wallpaper, can be the sunlight in the sitting room for a long time build mild visual experience, let a person feel more comfortable.

Want to build elegant, sweet sitting room environment, the most ideal shortcut is to use vintage design wallpaper to hit bottom, attach to be elegant and beautiful.

Suggest three

The sitting room faces to the west, in the sunshine is not as long as the sitting room that faces south, but the influence that receives sunshine illuminate is also very big, so we need to choose the sitting room wallpaper of cool color.

, of course, all kinds of various, choose room is big, consumers do not know how to choose, in fact as long as we consider the grasp of the whole feeling, such as plaid wallpaper have full-bodied amorous feelings of Scotland, with sunshine, very good interpretation of the return to nature of rural amorous feelings.

Suggest four

The sitting room in the east is exposed to sunlight mainly in the morning, the sunshine time is not long, so we need the living room wallpaper of light color department to be neutralized.

The wallpaper of light color fastens can very good temper, dark tonal, the sitting room theme colors deductive incisively and vividly, wallpaper waist line sort of expression have to be carefully designed, and then look for accessories and wallpaper photograph collocation, keep the mass-tone attune of the unification between furniture and wallpaper, form a harmonious whole, give a person the sense of an independent personality.

In addition to the way that the selection of the wallpaper that is introduced, still need to consider the sitting room to decorate a style, family to accept the degree when choosing sitting room wallpaper.

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