How to choose the wallpaper suitable for your home

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Wallpaper is also a wallpaper and is one of the most widely used wall decoration materials. The wallpaper has a unique advantage in the use process, it has relatively good wear resistance, see pollution, easy to clean and so on. Wallpaper also has a strong decorative effect, different styles of wallpaper with we can create a different feeling of personality space. New wallpapers have interior paints for texture, decorative effect and practicality.

Wallpaper can be divided into the following categories

1 plain paper wallpaper

Pure paper wallpaper is mainly made of grass, bark and modern high-grade new natural wood pulp. It is natural and generous in color, and it is posted with technical suggestions. It is not easy to curl edges, bubbles, no odor, environmental protection and strong air permeability.

2 wood fiber wallpapers

Wood fiber wallpaper is soft, natural, easy to match with furniture, and has a wide variety of colors. There is no chemical attack on the human body. Because of its breathability, it is called a breathable wallpaper and the wood fiber wallpaper is durable and can be scrubbed with water. The average service life is two to three times that of ordinary wallpaper.

3 metal wallpapers

Look at the metallic wallpaper for an elegant, noble and gorgeous visual experience. Few large areas are used in home furnishings, and it is often asked to use a small portion of special effects. The lines of metal wallpaper are bold and unrestrained, and adding a little ornament can create a dazzling style.

4 glass fiber

Based on glass fiber, the surface is coated with resin and printed to become a wall decoration material. Glass fiber wallpaper has a wide variety of patterns and colorful colors. When used indoors, it is not easy to fade or aging, and the fireproof and dampproof performance is good, and the construction is also convenient.

5 fabric wallpapers

Fabric wallpapers are mainly made of silk, wool, cotton, hemp, etc., and they are woven with elegant color and soft texture. He has the characteristics of being not easily broken, flexible, bright in color, and not easy to fade. It can also be cleaned.

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