How to choose wallpaper and paint

- Mar 15, 2018 -

Wallpaper selection

1, the wallpaper determines the spatial style

After the wallpaper is affixed, it can be seen whether the house is in a modern style or a pastoral style. It is European classical or luxury style. Because of the color of the wallpaper, the pattern has already decided the style of the house.

2, complicated wallpaper paving skills

Choosing a relatively complicated wallpaper with the screen is actually the same as a heavy latex paint, and it is not appropriate to fill the house. Wallpapers need to be matched with wainscoting or marble. Using these materials and decorative lines can weaken the feeling of the wallpaper, and can focus on the local highlights.

3, large area with plain wallpaper

When you need to paste a large area of wallpaper, choose a wallpaper that is a bit more colorful. In this way, it is easier to match furniture in the later period, because the wall elements can highlight the furniture, otherwise the wall will be distracted.

The choice of paint

1. Choose a lighter than favorite latex paint

When choosing a color number, be sure to choose a latex paint that is lighter than the color you like because it will be brushed three times on the wall, so the color of the brush must be deeper.

2, different space to choose different latex paint

For example, bedroom paint latex paint, generally use more warm, comfortable warm color, the overall express a romantic feeling. The color of latex paint in the living room is different. The living room is a public space. We can choose some colors that are more atmospheric, neutral, and acceptable to everyone.

3, late with a stress

After the whole wall is painted with latex paint, consideration should be given to the collocation. Because latex paint is more pigment, there is no texture like wallpaper, so we must work on the accessories in the later period.

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