How to deal with glue after the wallpaper paste flavor

- Mar 02, 2018 -

1, the glue used in the wallcovering will give off a certain taste, the poor quality glue is extremely bad, the smell is very big, and there are a lot of chemicals that are harmful to the body, so it will still cause the room after the wallcovering foul smell.

2, wall cloth in the production, due to the impact of different processes, but also with a certain taste.

How to prevent:

1, the choice of environmentally friendly glue:

Selection of glue must pay attention to whether the indicators of compliance, there is no irritating taste of the glue, not to covet the cheaper, leading to poor room environment, you will outweigh the benefits.

2, the wall cloth should smell a sniff:

When buying, may wish to sniff the taste of the wall cloth, if the taste is too pungent, not recommended selection.

Deal with the smell:


1, purify the air with green plants:

Green plants can be bought at home (spider plants, aloes, cacti, safe tree). However, plants are not photosynthetic at night, so to avoid causing adverse effects.

2, bamboo charcoal adsorption:

The principle of bamboo charcoal with the air purifier is similar, but bamboo charcoal is a consumable, although easy to buy, but consumption is also slightly larger, and need to be replaced, more trouble than the purifier.

3, to maintain room ventilation:

Wall after a good paste, to maintain ventilation, one can indoor air circulation allows harmful substances will be sent out as soon as possible, and secondly, to make wall covering glue faster drying.

4, the use of energy-saving air purifier:

Air purifier can remove all kinds of indoor odor, odor, etc., can also kill a variety of indoor air germs, prevent, reduce the spread of bacteria and allergens.

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