How to deal with the wallpaper paper, why this happens

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Today to talk about the current very low occurrence probability a wallpaper construction case, this kind of problem always online is not a complete solution scheme, why the wallpaper will appear "burn" phenomenon, with the questions we ask a lot of experienced technical personnel, construction yi Chen wallpaper manufacturer below small make up parsing with you about:


First about what it's like, local or large yellow wallpaper, popular speak like wet white towel and then on top of the fire to dry, then towel is yellow, the wallpaper that is referred to as the "burn" industry, why will have this kind of circumstance happening, not ready before the main construction wall processing, if handled badly, very easy to mildew, become warped edge, empty drum, so deal with the wall is crucial.


The following talk about why will appear this kind of circumstance, because the wall of the moderate PH between PH 7 to 8, if the wall too alkaline, can appear "burn" phenomenon, normal appear this kind of circumstance, the main reason there are a few: 1. The humidity is too high, metope with poor ventilation.

2. The temperature is too low and the basement membrane is not fully formed.

3. The putty powder is too alkaline. So when the construction we must best wall processing, completely dry after appearing in the construction, so will not appear this kind of phenomenon. That's all for today, hope I can help you.

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