How to detect the wallpaper is good?

- Apr 02, 2018 -

For the convenience of decoration and the cost considerations, many people choose to use wallpaper instead of paint. Then, what are the characteristics of the wallpaper in addition to the cheaper price? Decoration wallpaper pollution it, this should be a lot of people will be concerned about, then, is the wallpaper green? Then choose to reduce the wallpaper emission pollution? Now for everyone to popularize The choice of wallpaper glue and how to judge the authenticity, how to detect the wallpaper is good or not. Hope to provide a useful reference for the scale of the consumer.

Is the decoration wallpaper polluted?

1, as long as the quality of the wallpaper itself pass, no pungent smell on the line. Relatively speaking, the environmental issue of the wallpaper itself is not significant. The main construction is the use of adhesive, and there is no need to pay attention to environmental protection when constructing. In short, the pollution of the wallpaper is not large, provided that the qualified wallpaper, and high-quality construction. I suggest you go to the formal store to buy, their construction team is also very good quality.

2, but the glue used to paste the wallpaper is also contaminated with air components. How to choose glue? You can choose relatively environmentally friendly glutinous rice glue. Glutinous rice gum is relatively more environmentally friendly

Environmental protection is relatively speaking, and the real glutinous rice gum is more environmentally friendly than other powdery or resinous gums. In other words, glutinous rice gum is the most environmentally friendly among various wallpaper glues. This is because glutinous rice gum uses natural glutinous rice starch as a raw material, and it is not necessary to add ingredients such as thickening substances during the production process, which ensures the environmental protection of raw materials.

How to choose truly environmentally friendly glutinous rice gum

The market for wallpaper glue is rather chaotic. There are a lot of products with no products or fake foreign devils. Therefore, when selecting glutinous rice glue, we must choose regular manufacturers' products to ensure its environmental protection.

The so-called regular manufacturers at least the company can query (can use enterprise credit query app check), have a clear production address, environmental protection labels, etc., the most important thing is if the product packaging is foreign language, there must be imported single customs declaration and the like can be proved Documents, but currently basically all domestic

Judging whether the glutinous rice gum is regular can be distinguished from the packaging:

1. Environmental protection logo. Check whether there is a green ten ring certification on the package, and you can check it out.

2. Execute the standard. Regular product product packaging will be marked on the implementation of standards.

How to detect the wallpaper is good

How to choose wallpaper?

Touch - touch material

Second look - look at patterns and colors

Three smells - there is no pungent smell

Four questions - ask the sales staff some questions that you are worried about and get professional answers

Go out of the misunderstanding of wallpaper selection - burning

The burning point of the paper is: 130-255.5 degrees Celsius. As long as this temperature is not reached, the paper will not burn and it will not react chemically with air to produce new substances, similar to smoke and odor, as well as burned ash. Therefore, not all the non-woven combustion ashes appear gray, whether domestically produced or imported, pure paper or non-woven fabrics have a small amount of black smoke and less black ash. Therefore, burning can not determine the quality of the wallpaper, but can only explain the different forms of combustion after combustion. In the end, we have to make it clear that after the wallpaper is bought and put on the wall, it will not come into contact with high temperatures and it will not produce black smoke.

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