How to join seamless wall cloth factory? What kind of operation mode is it?

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Do wallpaper business partners know seamless wall cloth accepted by more and more high-end crowd people, but its distribution patterns are different from the wallpaper, the yi Chen today wallpaper concrete analytical small make up with you

How to join, how to operate?


Seamless wall cloth with its own unique characteristics, without stitching, stereo sense is strong, feel is good, waterproof, anti-fouling, dust-proof, anti-static wall crack resistance, easy do various functions, such as so many just to join the industry partners, wall cloth exactly how to join?

Below it is said, at present there are two main types of pattern in the domestic market, first of all, the first is the advance payment mode, such as the 1000 deposit to send 5 this 10, 1000 deposit to send this, and so on, actually to send, the more relative to the price of wall cloth is higher, because the factory can't be at a loss, will certainly be inside the wall cloth delivery when payment back, for example, was 21 / square, give you 23 per square, so remind partners not to join here, not to send the more the better, but the price and quality is an important consideration. There is also a very important matters, how is it that the advance payment deduction, some factories each payment 20% deduction, some 10% deduction, and even 5% deduction, distance for the novice, the early shipments not many, the payment has been buckle there in the factory, so it is very important to say hello to the details;

Then the second is directly buying patterns, each factory do have different version, have a bigger version, there is also a small version of the wall cloth is known to all version cost must be high, on the other hand small, lower version of the market price is 200, 120, 80 / this, levels not neat, so be sure to clear version is large or small, need to give you a warm reminder, seamless wall cloth is not like the wallpaper, the late shipment are a single payment for goods, so be sure to choose a high credit standing, business for many years the old factory, often have customer feedback to us said that he had to do wall cloth, many factories directly send it wall cloth version for free, last shipment have large, free of charge version manufacturer directly run out of sight, causes the big losses to the business, especially in zhejiang, shandong area is more, this kind of circumstance, of course, this kind of circumstance belongs to some people, but still want to please cooperation partners must fine add consideration before cooperation.

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