How to match different space PVC wallpapers?

- Mar 31, 2018 -

Wallpaper is one of the most commonly used wall decoration materials in modern decoration. It is colorful and colorful, and it is more and more popular with people.

The most commonly used wallpapers in the home are bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms and wet and dry toilets. Now that there are so many wallpapers on the market, what kind of wallpaper should you choose as your own decoration? This is a problem that troubles many people. No matter, let me tell you!

Bedroom: Self Shows Personality

The bedroom is the most personal space, carrying the owner's preferences. Although in principle, the owner's favorite color prevails, it can generally be divided into two situations. Big suits, achievements of the natural atmosphere; small floral, creating the ultimate romantic gentleness.

Generally speaking, the bedroom decoration tends to favor the hostess's preferences. If the hostess is a capable professional woman, the home decoration must reflect a bold and atmospheric atmosphere. You may wish to choose a wall opposite the bed to serve as a background wall and spread a wallpaper with a completely different floral pattern than the other three walls. Note that the color of the flower center is the same as the color of other walls, and the overall feeling is romantic and full of art.

Living room: Easy and elegant

The living room is where the guests are received, and generally do not have too much personality. If it is a wall full of stickers, you can choose a wallpaper with light flowers, which will make the living space bigger. The European-style decoration can be used with wallpapers of vertical stripes; the modern ones should use cool colors, so the long-time use of warm colors will make people feel irritated. The color matching of the background wall should be compatible with the furniture, but be careful not to use more than three colors, otherwise it will appear very messy.

Children's Room: Environmental Protection

The children's room is the best place for wallpapers, and its wallpaper is also the most beautiful. The primary requirement for children's room wallpaper is environmental protection, followed by style. At the same time, children's rooms use different wallpapers due to their age differences. Most of the knowledge of children under 10 years of age is based on intuitive knowledge, so this part of the child's room can be attached to some cartoon wallpaper, which helps stimulate the child's perception. Children between the ages of 10 and 18 are most annoying as children, so the decoration should not be too childish. Basic colors, boys with cool colors, girls with warm colors, and some fashionable patterns on the waistline. Girls can put some Q version of the fashionable girl pattern, boys are suitable for sports elements.

Bathroom: dry wall walls to prevent moisture

Generally speaking, there are few wallpapers in the bathroom, but if your home's bathroom is wet and dry, then you can use your favorite wallpaper in the dry area without any worries. The bathroom wallpaper should use some very light colors, so it would appear that the bathroom is very clean. Now more Japanese wallpaper, this wallpaper is not only waterproof but also sterilization function. However, due to the fact that the futures need to wait longer. If the requirements are not very high, the surface of the wallpaper is usually enhanced.

Tips: Small rolls wallpaper is generally 0.53 meters wide, 10 meters long and one roll, the whole volume is sold without cutting. In the actual paste, there is a reasonable loss of 10% -20% of the wallpaper, and the loss of the big flower wallpaper is greater, so the consumption should be set aside when purchasing. At the same time, the construction technology of the wallpaper is more complicated and must be found by professional workers. There must be a waterproof wall paint on the wallpaper surface.

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