How to match wallpaper and floor

- Jun 10, 2018 -

When there are no other furniture in the room, only the walls and the ground, so the wallpaper and floor mix I put in the first talk. There are two principles of matching wallpaper and floor:

1. The principle of avoiding top-heavy

The wallpaper color is lighter than the floor color. Friends who like white wallpaper, it is recommended to use gray or smoke gray floor. Many families now prefer to use white light-colored wallpapers, hoping to have a peaceful home atmosphere. It is advisable to use a lighter-colored floor, such as the grayish white color, to create a calm atmosphere, and not to create a "top-heavy" color on the wall.

How to match floor and wallpaper/sofa/curtain? Detailed analysis

But don't color too much. The dark brown floor is suitable for beige, and some heads of household prefer to mix white walls with dark brown floors. This will make the floor appear dark and the space becomes depressing. If the wall is chosen to be the beige color of cashmere, the colors of the walls and the floor will be more easily accessible and the space will be larger. Simple style, fresh and elegant.

How to match floor and wallpaper/sofa/curtain? Detailed analysis

2. The principle of adjacent colors

The yellow floor is suitable for adjacent walls. Some families like to use a slightly yellow floor. The walls use the law of "adjacent colors". You can pick a dark yellow or light yellow color adjacent to yellow so that you can create a Very warm atmosphere.

How to match floor and wallpaper/sofa/curtain? Detailed analysis

Nor is it possible to use this principle with all similar colors. The dark brown floor is suitable for ivory, and the deep-tone floor has a strong appeal and expressiveness. Its distinctive personality characteristics, such as the reddish tone of the floor itself gives a strong feeling, if the wallpaper is also thick, it will look Not harmonious. However, with ivory or light gray, it will form a sense of unity with the dark brown floor.

How to match floor and wallpaper/sofa/curtain? Detailed analysis

Color affects people's visual effects, warm colors are expanded colors, and cold colors are shrink colors. Therefore, the floor of the room with a small area should be chosen from the cool color of dark colors, or the simple and bright floor, giving people the feeling of expanding the area. If you choose to use warm colors on the floor and the wallpaper will make the space even more narrow, increasing the sense of oppression. In addition, in the choice of color, should be inclined to small texture or ruled effect, avoid large and chaotic patterns.

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