How to paste the wallpaper

- Dec 18, 2017 -

1.First measure the size of the wall.

2.Eradicating the wallcovering: Remove any paint, wallpaper, and other objects from the wall.

3.Cut the wallpaper: Measure the height from the top of the wall to the baseboard and cut the wallpaper.

4.Base film brushing greasy: brush the bottom of the film, the base film evenly brush the wall, the thickness of moderate; Putty, polished.

5.Brush: In order to ensure a solid paste, the wallpaper on the back and walls should be plastic, glue to brush evenly

6.Cut the wallpaper: before cutting to measure the length

7.Papers: The principle is the first level after the vertical, first up and down, first high and then low.

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