How to paste wallpaper is beautiful

- May 07, 2018 -

The bottom of the wallpaper refers to the background or shadow that is exposed after the wallpaper is constructed, and is often seen in thin, light-colored wallpapers, especially non-woven wallpapers. So why does wallpaper appear? How to avoid it? If there is a color difference on the wall, a thin light-colored wallpaper will be affixed to it, and a bottoming phenomenon will occur. This is because the wallpaper is too light to cover the color of the wall. Dark wallpaper can cover up the color difference of the wall, and rarely appear through the bottom. The best way to avoid bottoming out is to treat the wall in a color, preferably white. Only the wall has no color difference, after the wallpaper on the wall, it will not appear through the bottom phenomenon and affect the use of results. Therefore, if the varnish is covered by latex paint, the varnished old house must be re-approved for wall surface treatment and painted on the wall base film so that it will not appear through the wallpaper.

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