How to Pick a 1.06m Wide Wallpaper

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Look: Look at the surface of the wallpaper for color differences, wrinkles, and air bubbles. The wallpaper's flower pattern is clear and uniform.

Touch: After watching it, you can touch the wallpaper with your hand and feel if its texture is good and whether the thickness of the paper is the same.

Wen: This is very important. If the wallpaper smells, it is likely that the content of volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride is high.

Rub: You can cut a piece of wallpaper, wipe the paper with a damp cloth to see if there is discoloration.

In fact, if you feel that the walls of your home are too monotonous, sticking wallpapers is a very good choice. What styles and patterns are there? There will definitely be one you like. If you are in trouble, Xiaobian tells you that wallpaper is the easiest and safest to maintain,

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