How to repair cracked wallpaper

- Mar 24, 2018 -

We all understand that the wallpaper is a poster, since there is bound to be a gap between them, sometimes because of improper paving, or quality problems, the time will be longer, the joints will crack, especially in rainy weather At the time of this, the wallpaper was cracked, curled, etc., and the pattern on the wallpaper was not aligned when it was pasted.

So what should be done if the wallpaper seam cracks?

The wallpaper cracks because of the shrinkage of the wallpaper. In general, the middle of the wallpaper is slit, and the wall will be exposed. This is related to the construction level of the workers. Workers did not work tightly during construction, and they did not matter tightly, leading to this problem in the later period. The wallpaper is made of wood pulp, which has the characteristics of wood swelling and shrinkage, the performance is not stable, there will be a certain degree of swelling after the completion of the glue, shrinkage occurs in the drying process. Although swellability cannot be controlled, workers can control contractility during construction.

Cracking of the wallpaper is relatively simple and the owner can operate it. You can use a wet towel to soak the joints for 10 minutes and use the knife edge of the wallpaper knife to pick up the wallpaper to see if it can be reconnected. If it does not work, soak the joints with water for 10 minutes and you can usually pick them up. If not, then use water to soak the joints for 10 minutes. Generally, if the attachment on the surface of the wallpaper is a metal surface, the surface of the wallpaper will be dulled and black after scraping, destroying the surface of the wallpaper, and it is not recommended to operate on it or contact Manufacturers are good.

After the wallpaper is cracked due to dry cracking, it is easy to cause dry cracks and it should be handled as soon as possible. The wallpaper appears warped, and the syringe can be used to inject glue into the edges of the wallpaper cracks and try to re-seal the wallpaper. Or use wallpaper glue powder, wipe it at the curling edge, smooth it at the curling place, blow it with a hair dryer for about 10 seconds, and then apply it by hand until it is firm, and blow dry with a hair dryer.

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