How to save money and wallpaper

- Mar 20, 2018 -

Adhesive wallpaper is a very important choice for auxiliary materials. In addition to guaranteeing its quality, it is also necessary to ensure the environmental performance of the auxiliary materials and not cause damage to the human body. Before wallpapering, the brush on the wall is not a light varnish (varnish), but a colorless and odorless base film; the wallpaper adhesive is no longer the wallpaper glue plus white latex, but the wallpaper glue is used directly against the water; This will ensure that there is no trace of odor in the room where the wallpaper is being laid.

The decoration expert's suggestion, varnish and base film can play a role in sealing the wall, waterproof and moisture, but by contrast, the varnish has a faint taste, while the base film is colorless and tasteless and more environmentally friendly. The wallpaper glue used in home decoration is extracted from potatoes and glutinous rice and is naturally healthier.

On the basis of ensuring the quality and safety of wall stickers, we must learn how to reduce wallpaper loss and save costs.

"The money spent on the knife" is the principle of many people in the decoration. In actual operation, the loss of edge corners is unavoidable. It is reported that wallpaper is relatively high loss in many materials, the loss rate is generally about 15%. According to industry sources, “The wallpaper loss rate differs depending on the type of house. For example, in the middle of the compound building, 5.8 meters of empty space and 10 meters of a roll of wallpaper are used, the loss rate is as high as 40%; and if it is a 3 meter high storeroom, the loss rate is Only 10%."

In the design of a given type of apartment, how can consumers ensure that their own plans can reduce the loss of wallpaper? The answer is to make a fuss about the pattern. It is understood that wallpaper according to the pattern can be divided into plain, floral, large flowers and so on. When paving, plain wallpaper does not need to spend, so the loss rate is low, while the floral, large flowers need to spend, and the greater the greater the loss of pattern. In contrast, the vertically arranged patterns are also less efficient than the aligned patterns.

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