How to tear off the wallpaper

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Nowadays, people's requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher. The requirements for building materials used for decoration are also particularly high. After a few years of renovation, they may not be satisfied with the wallpapers of the decoration, and they will want to replace them. New wallpaper. How to tear off the wallpaper easily?

First, direct stripping method

If it is a very smooth wall can be directly stripped method, the specific steps are as follows:

1. Select a less prominent position at the top of the wall, then lift the wallpaper with the tip of the utility knife.

2, try to close to the wall, and then pinch the corner of the wallpaper, try to remove it from the wall. Stripping the wallpaper in your own direction will make it easier to tear off. If it is a peelable wallpaper, then as long as you use a smooth, moderate force, you can separate the wallpaper from the wall.

Second, cutting and infiltration

This method step will be a little more troublesome, take a look!

1. Apply clean water or wallpaper peeling agent to the wall, wait for fresh water or stripping agent to completely soak the wallpaper.

2. Repeat the first step on the next wallpaper strip and return to the first tape. Re-wet it with the preparation from top to bottom.

3. Start tearing off the wallpaper with a scraper knife. Starting from a cut horizontal strip of wallpaper, place the blade under its upper edge and the blade is at a 30 degree angle from the horizontal plane. Then slide the blade to scrape the wetted wallpaper. The wallpaper will fall off with the cutting edge and will As the blade is pushed down and rolled up on the blade.

4. Continue to push down until the wallpaper can no longer be peeled off. If the scraped wallpaper strip breaks, this area can be re-saturated and then another strip of paper can be scraped off.

5. On the wall surface built with plasterboard, the wallpaper scraper will horizontally cut the wallpaper according to the above method, and must not wet it. Just slowly scrape it off or tear it off the wall.

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