How to use PVC wallpaper to solve the embarrassment of simple style?

- Mar 15, 2018 -

With the popularity of Buddhism, which is simple and complex, many people tend to prefer simple and concise style series of wall coverings in home decoration. The simplicity is not simple, nor is it simple. It is simple and streamlined after being refined, with a high degree of aesthetic atmosphere and popular elements. Many people in home decoration like to pursue simplicity. However, due to simple misunderstandings, they often appear in various kinds of simple styles in home decoration.

In order to achieve a minimalist effect, buying only a few furniture and accessories leads to an empty space. Simplicity is not the lack of design elements, but the need for design elements in a series, while maintaining the overall style of clean and lively. At this time, you may wish to use the vertical stripe wallpaper to maintain the unity of the entire tone, the simple pattern will make the space more natural and comfortable, use the least design language, express the deepest design connotation. This is the most important.

Simplicity is not equal to abandoning classical, but is good at extracting elements from the classical, cutting simplifications and simplifying, and preserving the truth with trueness, concise and concise with the high degree of color conciseness, and on the premise of satisfying functional needs, with the most refined brush strokes, depicting the most abundant and moving Space effects bring unexpected aesthetic effects.

Undoubtedly, black and white ash gives a sense of simplicity, and many masters' works are also dominated by black and white ash. However, the simple style is not equal to black and white gray, the world is colorful, life is also colorful, often in a black and white gray environment is also easy to monotonous depression. On the contrary, we can fully express our own fashion personality by using the warm and cold changes of colors. This will not only bring out the furniture, but also beautify the atmosphere and be more pleasant. Why not do it?

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