How to Wash Wallpaper

- Jan 17, 2018 -

1. Surface dust treatment.

For the dust on the wallpaper surface, generally choose to use a vacuum cleaner to clean. The cloth that does not have the water that has touched water to undertake wiping, the sample not only can not effectively remove dust, still can make wallpaper surface produce blemish.

2. Clean common stains.

If the wallpaper is not carefully stained, use a soft cloth, stick to the water, and then wring the water. Gently wipe the surface to deal with the general substance.

3. Cleaning of color pen stains.

If there is a stain on the wallpaper, especially a friend with a child in it. You can choose to use rubber, soapy water to remove the stain. Use a rubber to gently wipe the surface of the pencil. If it is a watercolor brush, you can wipe it with soap and water and then rub it with a soft dry cloth. If it is a crayon stain, gently wipe it off with a sponge; Ballpoint pens need to be cleaned with a semi-wet towel.

4. Clean oil.

For some stubborn oil stains, soup stains, etc., you can choose to dilute the detergent to a low concentration mixture, and the ratio of general detergent to water is 1:3. Then dip it in a soft dishcloth and wring it.

5. Wallpaper cleaning precautions.

The cleaning and maintenance of wallpaper should be combined with long-term maintenance and short-term maintenance. Some traces of the wallpaper are also formed during the long process of accumulation, such as long time not cleaning and some stains or seams will not be removed. For the wallpaper proposal, use a feather duster for one season to clean the surface every six months or one year. The short-term treatment mainly emphasizes that the correct method should be adopted in time when obvious stains appear.


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