How wallpaper industry goes abroad

- Mar 17, 2018 -

In recent years, the domestic wallpaper industry has developed rapidly and many wallpaper brands have appeared in the decoration building materials market one after another. The price of wallpaper is also declining because of competition in the industry. More people are more willing to choose wallpaper when they are decorating. The use of wallpaper will become the mainstream of wall decoration. In Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, more than 60% of households use wallpaper.

Most consumers believe that paint is the most affordable way of wall treatment because of its low price. However, people in the industry said that compared with wallpapers, some latex paints appear to be slightly superior at present, but in the long run, wallpapers are actually more affordable.

It is understood that the price of wallpaper ranges from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. According to the sales staff, "The price of wallpaper is becoming more and more reasonable. If you want to decorate the whole wall surface with wallpaper, the cost will be several times higher than latex paint. For example, a 60-square-meter house needs about 2,000 yuan of latex paint. If you use a wallpaper, it will cost about 5,000 yuan. This price will shut out many low-budget consumers, but now with the increase in the number of wallpapers, The choice of many different price points, the overall budget for using wallpaper is relatively reasonable, and consumers using wallpaper are naturally more.” In addition, from the perspective of mid-range wallpaper, the price of a roll of wallpaper is approximately between 100 and 200 yuan. According to a small volume of wallpaper to do 5 square meters of wall surface count, the price per square meter is 20-50 yuan. If there is a substantial discount, some nice wallpapers will cost as low as RMB 10 per square meter.

With the "green decoration" becoming an inevitable trend of renovation, wallpaper is also developing into environmentally friendly materials. According to professionals, non-woven wallpaper is the most popular new type of green environmental protection wallpaper material in the world. It is a kind of wallpaper made of non-woven natural fiber such as cotton and linen, without any polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and Chlorine, when burned completely, produces only carbon dioxide and water, without the strong black smoke and pungent odor produced when the chemical element burns, and the decorative effect is very good.

According to industry sources, the normal use of wallpaper is 7-8 years. It takes 2-3 years for latex paint to be re-applied, especially when there are more hand-studs on the side of the door frame, latex paint is more likely to be dirty, but the wallpaper is easy to scrub. In the long run, the cost of the two inputs is quite similar. In addition, we have a lot of low-priced wallpapers, and the color is very good to ensure quality. The cheapest is only 8 more than a square meter, which is cheaper than many latex paints.

At the same time, industry experts said that with the wallpaper market going towards openness and peace, some inferior products have begun to flood the market. Consumers should be screened when choosing wallpapers. It is recommended to buy mature well-known brands and stabilize businesses.

Big brands can not only ensure the environmental quality of the wallpaper, but also provide customers with special accessories and professional construction guidance, so that the wallpaper life and actual paving effect can be optimized. Secondly, high-quality wallpaper products are usually made of pure wood pulp paper or velvet fiber as the base material, which not only has no adverse effect on the human body, but also has better air permeability and sound absorption than coatings.

At the same time, many consumers cannot fully consider the reasonable mix of wallpaper colors and materials when they choose wallpapers. Experts suggest that when choosing wallpapers, listen to the recommendations of designers or professional wallpaper sales personnel, not only considering the color of the front of the wallpaper, but also taking into account the entire decoration style, color and furniture accessories. Make the wallpaper really play its decorative advantages.

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