In 2018, we will analyze the market changes of wall coverings wall cloth and the true and false secrets of the industry.

- Feb 24, 2018 -

Every wall coverings industry have different change, this year compared with last year's market is more and more formal, in a few years ago a lot of factory price war, grab the market at a lower price, in this year a lot of to be eliminated, however, fail to many, many, in today's society, many people just like to listen to allure very large propaganda, do not like to hear the truth, especially those who just enter the wall coverings industry customers friends, a lot of people don't like to talk about this topic, the yi Chen wall coverings small make up today is very necessary to reveal with you:


For just friends into the line, to know to the industry, our sales manager and we talked about many times, here need to refer to our sales manager's words, words, said last month XX customer want to distribute our products, which also communicated several times, finally no tidings, but very simply decisive to cooperate with us in this month. We want to know is this why?

Original reason is like that, he said the customer communicate with him to know, feel like version will need to buy our products before, the temptation is not, at the same time contacted another XX wall coverings, say 10000 to 100 this deposit, says he was attracted by the customers, but the truth is so well?

Of course not, finally understand that the 100 version are old version, many have no goods, the equivalent of spent 10000 to buy the home a pile of waste, this is a very real case, we now hear customer feedback at least more than 10, here I want to tell you that to choose wall coverings wall cloth suppliers never think cheap is a good choice, sincerely remind to just open a shop partners!


Above we talked about the wall coverings industry pattern true and false, then let's talk about the market in 2018?

Many friends all know that decorate, wall coverings design and color is rich, colour is gorgeous, can reflect the style of different, according to the different space and ground, different hobbies and consumption level, and choose a different decor

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