Interior design elements

- Mar 09, 2018 -

1. Spatial elements. The rationalization of space and giving people a sense of beauty is the basic task of design. We must dare to explore the new image of the times and technologies that are endowed with space. We should not stick to the spatial image formed in the past.

2. Color requirements. In addition to affecting the visual environment, indoor colors also directly affect people's emotions and psychology. Scientific use of color is good for work and helps health. The proper color processing can meet the functional requirements and achieve the beauty effect. In addition to observing general color laws, indoor colors also vary with the aesthetics of the times.

3. Light and shadow requirements. Humans love the beauty of nature and often direct the sunlight into the interior to eliminate the darkness and the closedness of the interior, especially the top light and the soft diffuse light, making the interior space more friendly and natural. The transformation of light and shadow makes the interior more colorful and gives people a variety of feelings.

4. Decorative elements. The indispensable building components such as pillars, walls, and the like in the entire interior space are combined with the function and need to be decorated, which together constitute a perfect indoor environment. By making full use of the texture characteristics of different decorative materials, you can achieve a variety of interior art effects with different styles, while also reflecting the historical and cultural characteristics of the area.

5. Furnishing elements. Indoor furniture, carpets, curtains, etc., are all necessities of life, and their styling tends to have furnishings, most of which play a decorative role. The utility and decoration should be coordinated with each other, and the functions and forms of seeking are unified and changed, so that the interior space is comfortable and full of personality.

6. Greening elements. Greening in interior design is an important means to improve the indoor environment. Indoor planting of flowers and trees, the use of greenery and small items to communicate the indoor and outdoor environment, expand the sense of space and beautify the space are playing an active role.

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