Introduction of Decoration Style (II)

- Dec 27, 2017 -

11. Plain style (freewheeling) in the 1990s, there was a boom in home furnishings in some areas. Due to the limitations of technology and materials, there were no real designers to carry out the guidance of home decoration, so it was the biggest picture of the time. The owners began to ask for a clean and bright interior effect. Today, this style is still the first choice for most first-time buyers.

12. After nearly 10 years of groping, with the improvement of living standards and opening up, people begin to yearn for and pursue a high quality of life. About from the mid - 1990 - s, people began to use in decorating delicate decoration material and furniture, especially at this time, the domestic designers into domestic outfit design, which has brought a new idea of decoration.

13. Natural style (art leisure) the decoration craze that began in the 1990s brings people a lot of decoration ideas. On the market for a large number of Taiwan, Hong Kong decoration magazine let people big open horizon, we dare not imagine before, such as the small garden, culture stone decorative wall and of rain flower stones such as adornment gimmick to appear in the real design. Especially we used red ju caused by the extensive use of "national decoration a yellow" after the adornment of the phenomenon, close to nature, nature will become - one of the people's pursuit of goals.

14. Brisk style (generous generous) the mid - 1990 - s, the design idea of household got great liberation, people began to pursue a variety of design methods, the modernism and postmodernism, series integrated set of training system 'accommodation form in the design of eight people when it comes to decorate, the "doctrine" frequently appear in the mouth. This style is basically made of cherry wood as the main woodworking.


15. Smooth soft style (independent) at the end of last century, at the turn of the century - with a luxury in the steady pursuit of imitated the clubhouse design began to appear in all kinds of real estate plate example room and office, and then a lot of in common household adornment. This kind of style comparison emphasizes -- a kind of simple but the adornment form that does not lose content, gradually formed the style that USES black walnut as main woodworking adornment panel. Minimalism and minimalism began to surface.

16. Elegant style (quiet and gentle) is a design style that appeared at the turn of the last century. It is basically based on woodworking with wallpaper and mixed oil. This style emphasizes the harmony of proportion and color. People begin to paint the upper part of a wall with the color of smallpox, while the wall USES a wallpaper with light texture. The whole style is very elegant and quiet, without a hint of blundering.

17. The urban style (independent character) enters the 21st century, the housing reform is carried out, the emergence of many young first-time buyers, for this style of generation injection - motivation. Young people had just bought a house, many are cash-strapped, and at this time of the real estate is basically is semifinished product (a without basic decoration style) is given priority to, these young people are forced to the decoration of the revolution. Limited by financial resources, people began to emphasize the sense of "decoration" in a variety of forms, with a large amount of bright colors as a typical example. People will use a wide variety of colors at home, sometimes even in the same space, using three or more colors.

18. Fresh style (light brushwork) this is a kind of indoor setting style with "xiaozi" flavor derived from the influence of minimalism. Especially with the emergence of numerous single nobles, this style of xiaozi appears in a variety of apartment decoration. Because many times their occupants do not have members such as the elderly and children, there are many functional problems to be considered in the renovation. They tend to emphasize a kind of arbitrariness and flatness. With a soft cloth art sofa and a pile of colorful pillows, the light white gauze city is a factory full of indolent atmosphere.

19. With the emergence of a lot of modernism, Chinese style has appeared in China, which is the revival of Chinese style decoration style. Chinese painting, painting and Ming and qing furniture make up the main elements of Chinese design. But these are expensive, and a big obstacle for hobbyists.

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