Is the wallpaper really thicker the better?

- Mar 05, 2018 -

With the improvement of people to household grade, in metope decorate, a lot of people abandon traditional brush lacquer, choose the wallpaper of change of style. In the shop is stuck wallpaper construction, however, often can meet all kinds of problems, such as fall off, the problems, such as yellow wallpaper as head of the household should do supervisors in the construction process, make wallpaper construction more perfect.

Many people have such questions about wallpapers, and the question most people ask is, how long can this thin layer of paper material live? Don't the wallpaper get yellow?

Answer: if the shop is stuck when the construction process, and maintain properly, the head of the household to air the wallpaper in the environment, the wallpaper can be used for a long time, the service life of the general can for 10 to 15 years.

Experience in building materials chosen friends may feel, the thicker the material, the heavier on behalf of the quality, the better, so in choosing wallpaper, many friends will specially choose some thickness larger wallpaper, it actually is not completely correct.

Answer: not necessarily, as a result of the wallpaper is the use of nonwoven fabric breathable bottom paper, on the surface of the non-woven fabric embossing, so will produce certain thickness, but the key is to see the quality of the wallpaper base paper quality!

Many friends will make when choosing wallpaper "silly points not clear" mistakes, don't know much friends in the choice of wallpaper material wallpaper and wall cloth has certain error, think they are the same thing, actually otherwise.

Answer: mural cloth and wallpaper differ in that the surface of the product, the surface of the wall cloth use natural or synthetic fiber as raw material, its price is relatively high, wallpaper and wall paper with paper as the backing material, then through embossing processing, and its quality is affected by the paper. At the same time the wallpaper and the wall cloth paste method is also different, the wallpaper is usually cut to the flower to paste, and the wall cloth is a whole pasted on the wall.

After the completion of the head of the household in decorating metope examination, only to find that wallpaper shop is stuck at uneven, seriously affected the metope of beautiful degrees, after the shop is stuck again found or uneven, such worries plagued by severe householders.

Answer: because wallpaper is pasted directly to metope, accordingly to metope smooth, flatness has high requirement. If the floor of the wall, the work such as batch soil is not done, the metope can be uneven, if the metope is not smooth, can first batch a layer of putty to repair the wall.

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