Knowledge of PVC wallpaper

- Mar 12, 2018 -

PVC wallpaper is mainly used PVC resin, PVC wallpaper has the following three main types:

A, ordinary type -- paper base with 80g/ m2, and 100g/ m2 PVC resin coated on the surface. The surface decoration method is usually a combination of printing, embossing or printing and embossing.

B. Foaming type -- paper base with 100g/ m2 paper, coated with 3000-400g/m2 PVC resin. According to the foaming ratio of the size, there are also low foaming and high foaming separation. Among them, the high foaming wallpaper has a flexible embossed pattern, which has a certain sound absorption effect.

C, functional type -- the waterproof wallpaper is made of glass fiber cloth, which can be used to decorate the wall of the bathroom and bathroom; Fireproof wallpaper USES 100-200g/ m2 asbestos paper as the base material, and the flame retardant is added to the PVC surface.

PVC wallpaper has certain waterproof, construction is convenient. After surface contamination, wipe with a clean sponge or towel.

(1) PVC coated wall paper (based on pure paper, non-woven fabric or woven fabric)

It is made of pure paper, non-woven fabric, woven fabric, etc. It is sprayed with PVC paste resin on the substrate surface, and then it is processed by printing, embossing and other processes. This kind of wallpaper after dealing with the foam can generate strong three-dimensional stereo feeling, and can be made into various lifelike texture effects, such as imitation wood grain, damask, imitation ceramic tile, has the strong sense and good air permeability, can well resist the erosion of grease and moisture, in the kitchen and toilet are available, and is suitable for almost all of the household.

(2) PVC glue surface wallpaper (base material with pure paper or fabric)

This kind of wallpaper is on the bottom of pure paper (or nonwoven fabric, textile bottom layer) to cover a layer of PVC film, by compound, embossing, printing and so on. This kind of wallpaper printing is exquisite, texture is good, waterproof and moistureproof, durable, easy to maintain. This kind of wallpaper is the most commonly used, the most widely used wallpaper, can be widely used in all household and commercial space.

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