Main points when choosing living room wallpaper TV background

- Nov 24, 2017 -

1. The wall is mixed with no monotony: whether it is large or small huxing, as long as the design is appropriate, the background wall can make the effect of the atmosphere. Please keep in mind that the TV background wall also reflects the concrete manifestation of the owner's bearing and heart. If the background wall area is larger, whether horizontal or vertical, can make full use of, in order to avoid monotonous, can use two or three kinds of different materials to carry on the cutting and modelling, or carries on the stereoscopic composition to embody the layering sense. With colorful wallpaper, wall cloth to do the most simple background wall, as long as the good color and pattern suitable for the living room style can be.

2. Hue consistent shape bogey abrupt: the background wall as a part of the living room decoration, it in the grasp of the color must be consistent with the tone of the whole space. There is a saying in the study, if the TV background wall color and the living room tone is not harmonious, not only will affect the sense of view, but also affect mood. But generally speaking, elegant white, light blue, green color, bright yellow, red decorated with a shallow gold is a good hue, too deep and too dazzling hue easy to make people feel heavy, emotional tension.

Therefore, a suitable TV background wallpaper is not only expensive or good selection can be, but also we take into account the style of the wallpaper itself, color, flower style and the overall home decoration coordination. In this way, the overall style can be better with the surrounding home decoration with each other to achieve the desired decorative effect.

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