Maintain the wallpaper from the decoration

- Jan 23, 2018 -

The metope must keep dry before the wall paper construction, new cement construction generally must wait 20 days to 40 days, had better be able to besmearch the base film, do the processing of metope, ability can undertake the shop of wall paper.

If be secondhand room is renovated, the gap of wall must fill up, otherwise wallpaper is easy empty drum.

The wall paper is to have all sorts of pattern commonly, the way that must pay attention to two wall paper when placing a post, and check whether there is a gap between the wallpaper, whether the spelling is aligned.

In addition, you can wet the wallpaper by watering it, and you will have a certain shrinkage when you dry it.

Try not to open your mouth to the windward.

Do not open the Windows and doors within 24 hours after the maintenance and completion of the construction.

Ventilated the general assembly causes the wall paper to be extremely dry, the shrinkage is uneven, causes the joint to crack.

After 3 days, be careful to adjust the ventilation, but do not turn on the air conditioner.

In order to prevent moisture from entering, open doors and Windows during the day, keep ventilation, and close doors and Windows at night.

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