Maintenance and repair of PVC wallpaper

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Wallpaper Blister: Wallpaper Foaming is a common problem, mainly pasted wallpaper when the uneven coating results in late-stage wallpaper surface shrinkage force and the basic separation of water too much, resulting in some of the built-in bubbles. In fact, the solution is very simple, as long as the general needle will be the wall of the wallpaper surface of the bubble pierced, the gas released, and then with a syringe to extract the appropriate amount of adhesive injected into the pinhole, the last wallpaper will be pressed flat, dry can be.

Wallpaper moldy: Wallpaper Mold generally occurs in the rainy season and humid weather, mainly wall water is too high. For the moldy situation is not too serious of the wallpaper solution is as follows: Use a white towel to dip the appropriate amount of water to wipe, or else it with soapy water to wipe. The best way is to go to the wallpaper store to buy a special mold remover.

Wallpaper Edge: The edge of the wallpaper may be the grass-roots treatment is not clean, adhesive adhesion is too low or the angle of the wall of the wallpaper side of the 2mm and so on, solution: With paste wallpaper of the rubber powder, put on the edge of the curl, the lifting of the smooth, with a hair dryer for 10 seconds or so, and then with the hands of the solid, until the sticky, with a hair dryer blown to dry.

The scrubbing of wallpaper: A place where dirt is scrubbed with a damp cloth or a dry cloth; You cannot use some colored materials to pollute the wallpaper, otherwise it is difficult to clear; wipe the wallpaper should be in some of the corner or door behind the hideaway place, to avoid adverse reactions caused by wallpaper damage.

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