Master the skill to avoid the mistake area wallpaper to post a new world

- Jan 31, 2018 -

In modern home outfit, the wallpaper is rich in color and design diversification, became one of the necessary choices in many home decoration.

Choose pair of wall paper, can play good wall paper to carry on the effect of the beginning and end, but if choose wrong, can appear suddenly, with space is out of place.

And a lot of novice friend has some false cognizance to the wall paper, think the wall paper is not used, not be resistant to dirty, easy to fall off, etc., about the wall paper just how much do you know?

Today, let us introduce to you the knowledge of wallpaper, you should read carefully!

The advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper.

1. The advantages

(1) colorful selection and diversification.

Rich color printing, embossing mold and other processes to produce different picture planning, embossing texture.

Make the wallpaper color rich, the design choice is more kaleidoscope.

(2) the price of wallpaper is cheaper than painting.

Home decoration market buys the most is the domestic paper bottom glue surface wall paper, the price and the construction cost, adds up the total price generally in 10~20 yuan/m2.

If decorate a room of 20 square metre, need only cost a few hundred yuan to be able to renew completely.

(3) short decoration period.

Choose wallpaper metope decorate, if be the housing of a set of three rooms one hall, only three professional construction personnel to paste the wallpaper, wallpaper decorating cycle is shorter than other metope decorate, and don't affect normal life of the household.

(4) fire prevention, mildew resistance, antibacterial and stain resistance.

'most of the wallpaper is in 100 ~ 200 g / ㎡ asbestos paper as base material, high temperature resistant, asbestos paper and drying is not easy to mold, and the wallpaper together in the surface of the PVC plastic coated materials mixed with fireproof flame retardants, make wallpaper has must fire mildew antibacterial function of flame retardant, if dirty wallpaper, can wipe with dry cloth dipped in water gently.

2. The shortcomings

(1) the surface of the wall paper is easy to be sharp and rough, and it is not convenient to clean it if it is stained with oil.

(2) when the furniture chooses wallpaper, must pay attention to wall and indoor humidity, if metope and indoor humidity is too big, the wall paper is very easy because of damp and crack to fall off.

Two, the paper chooses to have four steps.

1. Look: look carefully at the appearance of the wallpaper, whether there is color difference, ruffle or bubble, the floral pattern of the wallpaper is clear and clear, and the overall color is uniform.

2. Touch: after reading the wallpaper, you can touch the texture of the wall with your hand, and the thickness of the wallpaper is different.

Check the overall quality of the wall paper carefully, for example, whether the paper is uniform, the thickness is consistent, printing patterns and patterns are neat and neat.

The wallpaper are fine with the finished products produced with good quality, design has administrative levels clear, tonal transition naturally, but the poor quality of wallpaper can appear all sorts of problems, such as "flowers" exists error or mistake.

If careful use hand to touch the wall paper, can discover inferior wall paper thickness is inconsistent, even can have chromatic aberration and bubble, the overall visual effect is very different.

3. Smell: smell is one of the important criteria for measuring the quality of wallpaper. If you smell it, it is likely to be high in volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride.

Because the various materials of the wall paper is more, the use way is different, among them the kind that contains chemical substance and content also differ somewhat.

Generally speaking, good quality wallpaper is very small and can hardly smell.

But the wall paper with inferior quality is slightly heavier, and the flavor that the wall paper distance is not most can obviously smell, can be formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other volatile matter content is higher, adverse to human body health.

4. Eraser: cut out a wallpaper sample, scrub the surface of the wallpaper with a damp cloth, and see if there is a discolored phenomenon.

The wall paper has good and bad, suggest the household is used in the process that USES the wall paper, should avoid short, reasonable handle the defect of the wall paper, play the role of good wall paper.

But be very careful to the choose and buy of wallpaper, in addition to see the quality of wall paper, but also according to the home of their own style, choose appropriate wall paper design, design, can make the wallpaper and the decoration style.

3. About the use of wallpaper.

Nowadays, many residents hope to choose the high cost performance and high-quality wallpaper, but do not fully understand the wallpaper knowledge of the situation to purchase, often will fall into the selection of the wallpaper of several major misconceptions.

Think wallpaper is poisonous and harmful to human health.

The wall paper type is mostly, the formal wall paper generally is not to have poisonous this expression;

If there is taste, with air pollution, in fact, is likely to be derived from chose has a problem of glue, wallpaper but it's not a big problem, so small make up recommend residents must choose normal manufacturer of wallpaper and glue.

2. It is considered that the use cycle of wallpaper is short.

Generally speaking, the use period of wall paper does not depend on the wall paper itself, with practical glue and the humidity of metope have a lot of relation.

However, on special day can change wallpaper at any time, so to the bedroom can change a style freely, different period mood is different, also can let wallpaper to adjust the atmosphere.

3. It is easy to fall off the wallpaper.

The wall paper shedding is not actually the problem of wallpaper itself, but paste the technology and glue quality and the combination of wall quality.

If the glue used is not strong, it can easily roll up and fall off, resulting in short service life.

The wallpaper of quality clearance is actually very firm, find the reason why these problems can be solved easily.

Think wallpapers will make the walls moist.

The wall paper itself can be naturally dry and breathable, do not have mildew to wait for a problem.

Breathable wallpaper is now the mainstream choice, as long as it is not indoor wall humidity is very big don't worry about this problem, and the breathability of wall paper still can help a person's health.

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