Material and Classification of Wallpaper

- Dec 20, 2017 -

  I.Plastic wallpaper: this is the most common wallpaper in the market. Most of the plastics are PVC (or polyethylene), or PVC plastic wallpaper. Plastic wallpaper is usually divided into: general wallpaper, foaming wallpaper, etc. Each class is divided into several varieties, each of which is divided into various colors. Ordinary wallpaper USES 80 g/square of paper to make base material, besmear the PVC paste resin of about 100 gram/square metre or so, again classics printing, embossing. This kind of wallpaper is often divided into plain printing, light printing, monochrome embossing and printing pressure.

  1) Foaming wallpaper: use 100g/square of paper as base material for foaming wallpaper, with plastic coated 300 ~ 400g/m2 mixed with foaming agent PVC paste resin, and then make it after printing. This kind of wallpaper is thick and soft than the ordinary wallpaper. The high foaming wallpaper has a flexible convex shape; The low-foaming wallpaper is printed on the foaming plane with decorative pattern, such as embossed, wood grain, ceramic tile and other effects.

  2) plain paper wallpaper: mainly by the grass, tree bark, etc., and modern high-grade new natural strengthening wood pulp (containing 10% of wood fibre), design and color is natural, generous, simple, easy paste technology, is not easy to become warped edge, sparkling, no smell, environmental protection performance is high, permeability is strong, specify special wallpaper for European children room, especially the modern new type strengthened wood pulp wallpaper more scrub resistance, anti-static, dust collection, etc.

  3) the natural effect wallpaper is made of grass, wood, leaves and so on to make the wall paper, the style is simple and natural, simple and elegant, life breath is thick, give a person to return to the true feelings.

  4) wood fiber wallpaper has a superior performance, overcoming the shortage of many wallpapers, for classic, practical and high-end wallpaper. It is made of lignin or polyester made from the special tree species in northern Europe. It is used in the light color (flowers, flax extraction), soft nature, easy to match with furniture, and variety of flowers and colors. There is no chemical damage to the human body, the air permeability is good, the moisture and moisture of the wall can be permeated through the wallpaper. Long-term use, will not have the feeling of holding gas, namely we often say "the wallpaper that can breathe", it is the first choice of healthy household. It is durable, can be scrubbed with water, and can be cleaned with a brush. The anti-pull effect is better than the normal wallpaper 8-10 times. Mould proof, moisture-proof, moth-proof, the service life is 2-3 times of common wallpaper.

  5) metal wallpaper: rich and elegant, noble and luxuriant, this is the experience that the metal wallpaper brings to us. Usually, though, the feeling can only be felt in hotels, restaurants or nightclubs. Modern household special effect metope small part USES.This metal wallpaper is the gold, silver, copper, tin, aluminum and other metal, after special treatment, made from thin stick act the role ofing to wallpaper surface, this line is very bold, consisting of the wallpaper, which is used in the whole of metope is likely to enrage, but to try to adorn appropriately can not trace belt out a dazzling and avant-garde.


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