Mediterranean and Chinese wallpaper style

- Mar 26, 2018 -

The Mediterranean people love the free and unrestrained nature, and in the living environment, they strive for spacious design and visually transparent colors. Use arches, windows, hollow walls to create a visual sense of penetration and give space to extend the effect of Spain's azure blue shores and white sand beaches, Greek white villages, sunflower fields in southern Italy flowing golden in the sun, south of France The lavender blue-purple aroma, the unique desert and rock of North Africa, all the elements of the Mediterranean dream. Wallpaper selection elements: bright, romantic, light colors.

new Chinese style

Cultural interpretation of Chinese traditional style in the context of the current era. The complex and tedious decoration is refined and refined, and the hard and straight lines are adorned with gentle soft decoration, and the classical beauty is injected into the simple and practical modern design. The new Chinese style is not a pure element pile, but through the understanding of traditional culture, the modern element and the traditional elements are tied together, and the aesthetic appeal of modern people is used to create things that are full of traditional charm. Wallpaper selection elements: nostalgia, exquisite, Chinese elements.

Modern avant-garde style

It highlights itself more than simplicity, boasts individuality, has no conventional spatial structure, bold and contrasting color arrangement, and the selection of materials for both hard and soft, and seeks a surreal balance from the coldness to the wallpaper. Selection elements: trendy, stylish, personality.

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