New home decoration, wallpaper and wall cloth that more suitable?

- Mar 02, 2018 -

The material of wallpaper and wall cloth is different.

The wallpaper is based on non-woven paper. It's essentially paper. One of the differences between wallpaper and wall cloth is material. The wall cloth is also called nonwoven fabric. It is mainly composed of silk thread, wool, cotton and hemp etc. The wallpaper and wall cloth are composed of the bottom layer and the surface layer.

The process of wallpaper and wall cloth is different.

The processing technology of wallpaper is more, have coating, printing, embossing and surface coating and so on, the pattern pattern on the wallpaper is printed by machine. The wall cloth is called the textile wallpaper, because its above pattern all is to use machine to spin to go up, give a person a kind of stereo generous feeling.

A different

The surface layer of wallpaper has paper surface and glue face, the quality of glue surface is better, good waterproof make up the defect that paper surface is not waterproof, can be scrubbed with water, clean also is more convenient. The wall cloth is all cloth surface, bottom has the bottom of paper bottom, glue bottom and slurry bottom four kinds, four kinds of base face each have advantage, for example the waterproof of glue bottom and wear resistance is stronger, and the fire prevention sex of slurry bottom is better.

Different construction processing

The wallpaper needs to be cut, and when pasting, you need to pay attention to the Mosaic of the pattern and the paste in the corner. There is usually no big picture or complete pattern. The construction of wall cloth is not so complicated, do not need cutting and stitching, wall cloth of the spread is more beautiful than wallpaper, can have more complete pattern.

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