New thinking of wallpaper enterprises usher in new development

- Apr 13, 2018 -

In recent years, the development of the wallpaper industry has matured, new talents have emerged, marketing channels have continued to expand, and strong foreign involvement has increased the intensity of competition. Although this "catfish effect" has intensified competition in the industry, it also brings the wallpaper market to life. Competition and opportunities exist at the same time. Wallpaper companies need to adopt new thinking to meet new developments.

The wallpaper industry needs to inject new vitality

In this era of rapid replacement, the traditional wallpaper industry is no exception facing the upgrading: new design, new operating model, new channels ... but all new thinking, there must be fresh blood injection, Wallpaper companies will not be eliminated unless they follow the pace of the times.

Indeed, the renewal of the market is also an unavoidable law of the market process. It is not based on the will of the people. In addition, the existing market for wallpaper is becoming increasingly saturated, and new markets need to be developed. However, wallpaper enterprises that follow the traditional development model are obviously difficult to adapt to new markets, and homogenization and OEM are still full of wallpaper industry. As it continues to develop, the wallpaper industry will only stagnate. Therefore, the industry itself needs new blood to change the original drawbacks.

The new force of the wallpaper industry is rising. Although the new wallpaper brand is inferior to the previous generation in the market space, the number of consumers, and the resources, the new generation of wallpaper companies have the aforementioned competitive advantages. For the previous generation of wallpaper companies will naturally have a great impact. In particular, depending on the monopolistic competition of wallpaper companies, the rise of younger generations will inevitably shake the status of its market hegemony to a certain extent, and even replace its original status.

The reason is because these new faces have unparalleled advantages. First of all, the entry threshold is higher than when the wallpaper industry was founded. The professionalism of wallpaper manufacturing, the emphasis on high-tech talent, and the insight into the market are naturally better than those of traditional wallpaper companies. As business ideas are more influenced by new ideas, new generation wallpaper companies can better integrate into new markets. At the same time, most of the managers of the new wallpaper companies are younger 70 and 80 years old. They are more aware of the shopping needs and mentality of young consumers, and they are more confident in personalization than the previous generation of managers.

It can be seen from this that a number of new-born forces in the wallpaper industry are rising, which not only presents challenges to the development of the entire industry, but also brings opportunities. Under the influence of new thinking and new models, the wallpaper industry is bound to usher in a new round of development.

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