Non-woven wallpaper

- Mar 16, 2018 -

In home renovation, wall decoration affects the effect of the entire home environment. Wallpaper is a kind of environmental protection and non-toxic decoration material. It is beautiful and environmentally friendly to decorate the wall. Among them is a high-quality decorative material called non-woven wallpaper, you may ask about non-woven wallpaper? Non-woven wallpaper is expensive?

First, how about non-woven wallpaper?

Non-woven wallpaper is a kind of high-grade wallpaper, which is quite popular in European countries and the United States. This type of wallpaper is mainly made of cotton and hemp, and is not used for textiles, so it has excellent environmental performance. Because the natural plant fiber non-woven technology is used to make the pulling force stronger, it is more environmentally friendly, does not have moldy yellow, and good air permeability is the main substrate of high-quality wallpaper.

1, preferred high-grade decoration

Because non-woven products are pure color, visual comfort, soft touch, breathable and breathable, elegant and noble, it is the first choice for high-end home decoration. Non-woven wallpaper production process through a number of procedures, some fibers oriented or random support, and then made by machine operation. This product has the advantages of dimensional stability and stable expansion and contraction rate. There will be no deformation out of the joints at the seams, which is suitable for large-scale paving. The other is a combination of a plain paper surface and a non-woven base layer. It combines the stability of a nonwoven fabric with the beauty of wallpaper. The pattern is rich in color and can be easily replaced to satisfy consumers.

2. "Will Breathe wallpaper"

The non-woven fabric wallpaper is made of a backing paper and a fabric with good air permeability. The non-woven wallpaper is called “breathing wallpaper” in the industry and is the most popular new type of green environmental protection material in the world at present. It is harmless to the human body and the environment, and it fully complies with environmental protection and safety standards. The caught non-woven fabric contains some special components that can absorb harmful chemical components in the indoor air, prevent diseases and insect pests, and have excellent functions of anti-mildew and deodorization.

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