Paste wallpaper different grassroots approach

- Mar 03, 2018 -

Concrete and plaster surface treatment: (1) The water content of the wall base should not exceed 8%. (2) The grass-roots level is firm, there may be no problems with efflorescence, hollowing and looseness. The efflorescence site should be neutralized with 9% dilute acetic acid solution and then rinse with clean water. (3) holes, cracks gypsum scraping (if the cracks are too large to be affixed tape). (4) putty 2-3 times dry polished smooth. (5) brush base film again.


Wall treatment of the main points


1, wall treatment must be smooth and clean. If any uneven or cracks in the wall, the use of shovel eradication, and smooth with putty, dry and then polished with sandpaper. Use a large area of the wall when the old powder plus cooked powder, so that the wall is more solid; small area, such as make up when available gypsum powder plus water to make putty.


2, if the wall has been affected by tide, to use special fungicide to kill, kill mold.


3, if the wall side of the bathroom, the bathroom wall must be treated with a special waterproofing agent, or wall moisture will make long-term wallpaper glue failure, moldy.


4, before the construction of the general wall to brush basement membrane. Brush base film is designed to cure and protect the surface of putty, but also to strengthen the waterproof wall, mildew function, but to wait until the putty completely dry brushing. (The basement membrane is an environmentally friendly product that is easy to dry and is an alternative to traditional varnishes).

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