Paste wallpaper experience (I)

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Before construction, should carefully check the wallpaper color number, batch number is the same. And to understand the type of wallpaper to be constructed, color paper need to flower, plain paper to the positive and negative direction of construction.

The quality of glue will directly affect the overall effect and useful life of the wallpaper, so the need to buy authentic brand of glue or wall powder.

Dry paste, which is directly on the back of the wallpaper evenly coated with glue construction methods, mainly for the plastic wallpaper. Cross and non-woven wallpaper at the end do not need to glue.

The concentration of glue to reconcile the size of a chopstick can stand in the glue as a criterion.

Pure paper wallpaper construction, can not be hard scratch, rub paper surface glue, so as not to make the wallpaper surface contaminated.

Sporadic wallpaper do not throw away for future repair use

Post a good wallpaper, to close the doors and windows, do not open the window within 24, so slowly dry wallpaper.

Eradicating the wall skin: Remove the wall of the original paint and other objects, with plaster on the wall crack sites to be added to be flat after the bandage affixed; if the sand wall, wall, but also covered with glass cloth Or really good cloth; some poor quality partition or wall to reach the insulation effect, to be full of gypsum board.

Cut the wallpaper: first measure the height of the wall, and then cut the length of the wallpaper, there are two situations: do not spend wallpaper wall height plus 5 to 8 centimeters length cut, as the upper and lower trimming use: Therefore, the length of cut should be increased according to the actual situation, usually 8 to 10 cm longer.

Brush the glue: the wallpaper glue brush with a brush in the cut a good wallpaper on the back, with special attention to the edges to be coated with glue to ensure the construction quality, painted wallpaper, 10 minutes (Note that no external force should be applied to prevent the wallpaper from creasing, especially the non-woven fabric). After the glue is completely penetrated into the paper, it can be posted. Each time a few wallpapers are painted, they are posted in order.

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