Paste wallpaper experience(II)

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Wallpaper construction: generally at the door or the corner of the negative from the top down to post the first wallpaper, scraper from the top down, from the inside out, gently scraping the wallpaper, squeeze the bubble and excess glue, the wallpaper flat Close to the wall.

Before wallpaper, turn off the power: wallpaper, assuming that there is a power switch on the wall or socket place, you can turn off the power, and then cover the wallpaper all the power and socket, cut from the center of gravity point two Diagonal, it will show four small triangles, and then use a utility knife to remove the excess wallpaper around

Expose the upper and lower ends of the excess wallpaper, cutting edge to be sharp to avoid flash, then sponge water will be left in the wallpaper surface of the glue completely wipe clean, wallpaper yellow to prevent the wallpaper dry, if found on the surface of a bubble, with a knife Open the glue and then flattened to eliminate (with a syringe better)

When the wall needs to be hung with paintings or other accessories, a "V" should be marked on the nailed wallpaper to be used later for repair.

After the paper is pasted, the windows and doors should be closed for 2-3 days, allowing the wallpaper to dry naturally. Remember not to open the heating and other air-conditioning equipment, so as to avoid drastic wallpaper contraction caused by cracks.

In wet season, windows and doors should be opened during the day to prevent the invasion of damp gas

Paper has a certain scrub resistance, so, if stained with soap or other cleaning agents gently wipe.

Embossing wallpaper, every 2-3 months with a vacuum cleaner to clean once. Weekdays only with chicken feather list can be cleaned.

Do not use the back of the chair, table and other hard objects hit or rub the wall, so as not to be destroyed the wall. If you find a small surface damage, you can use similar colors of paint or paint to remedy. In this way, the bedroom decorated wallpaper, in a few years will maintain a beautiful, clean effect.

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