Paste wallpaper step process

- Mar 19, 2018 -

Paste wallpaper step process

1. Treat the wall surface: Deal with the impurities existing on the wall surface, scrape away the scum, use the gypsum powder to grind the cracks in the pit, make the wall surface clean and firm, will make the wallpaper not easy to fall off.

2, determine the size of the wallpaper: the length of the cropped wallpaper may be based on the height of the wall, under normal circumstances, not the wallpaper wallpaper wall height plus 5 to 8 cm around the length, used to trim the edge; and for the flower For wallpapers, the symmetry of the pattern is considered, and the length of the wallpaper is increased according to the actual situation, and usually it is 8 to 10 cm longer when the crop is cut.

3. Apply glue: Brush the wallpaper glue on the back of the cut wallpaper with a brush. The edges of the wallpaper must be coated with glue. To ensure the construction quality, the wallpaper needs to be folded 5 times after the glue is finished. 10 minutes, so that the glue completely penetrated into the bottom of the paper, then you can post it.

4, wallpaper construction: After the wallpaper is posted, you need to use the scraper from the top down, from the inside out, gently scrape the wallpaper, put it out of more bubbles and glue, so that the wallpaper is flat and close to the wall .

5, clean and modified: cut off the excess of the two ends of the wallpaper, and then handle the edges with a sharp knife edge, with jellyfish water to wipe the surface of the wallpaper glue completely clean, the wallpaper turns yellow.

Paste wallpaper notes

1. Before construction, check the color number and lot number of the wallpaper. Understand the type of wallpaper, plain paper will have positive and negative directions.

2, we must pay attention to the quality of glue, because it has a direct impact on the overall effect of the wallpaper and the useful life.

3, pay attention to the reconciliation of glue concentration, under normal circumstances, with a chopstick can stand in glue for the judgment criteria.

4. When pasting pure wallpaper, you can't scratch and wipe the glue on paper to prevent the appearance of the wallpaper from being contaminated. Scattered wallpapers can also be used for future repairs.

5. After pasting the wallpaper, close the doors and windows for 24 hours and allow the wallpaper to dry slowly.

6. If the wall is to be hung with oil paintings and its ornaments, a “V” shape should be drawn on the nailed wallpaper to facilitate future repairs.

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