Possible problems and analysis in the production process of wallpaper

- Mar 12, 2018 -

1. The pull line shows that there is a line with different colors on the surface of the wallpaper. The appearance of the tension problem may be in the process of coating or printing:

A. Coating line, is in the coating process the appearance of the cable. The cause may be the abrasion of the coating knife, or the larger particles in the paste are stuck in the front of the coating knife through the coating knife, and the original paper on the back of the particle can not be coated with the paste.

B. The printed drawing line is the tension line that appears in the printing process. The cause may be the printing scraper has abrasion, or ink has impurities.

2. Color difference refers to the color difference on the wallpaper. There are two kinds of color difference:

A. Batch color difference (left and right color). It refers to the color difference of the wallpaper in the same batch number.

B. Batch color difference. The color difference appears in different batches.

Due to the temperature, humidity, ink volatile concentration change of the objective factors, it is impossible to completely avoid the color difference of wallpaper, a wallpaper manufacturers are to improve each process, as far as possible will affect wallpaper production situation factors reduce to a minimum.

3. In the wrong version, you can see on the wallpaper that there is a certain deviation in the pattern structure of the wallpaper, which seems incomplete. A wrong version may appear during printing or embossing. The composition of the pattern on the wallpaper is to have a certain position, therefore, in every layout (color) printing needs to be done with the front page, is to adjust the position. Including in embossing, the wrong version of the wrong version will occur.

4. Not to the flower, is to refer to the wallpaper on the wall, unable to make a complete picture of the formation of the situation. It is usually because when the ear is cut, it is too large or too small. In the other case, during the construction, the construction personnel did not post in accordance with the correct method, resulting in the change of the wallpaper tension, which caused the opposite of the flowers.

5. Stains. Some wallpaper with gold, and in the process of gel, paste the copper powder with the increase of temperature in the volatile, hot mixture reaches the top of the oven after the encounter cold coagulation, after coagulation to a certain weight, caused by gravity drip to wallpaper surface stains. In addition, the lubricating oil of the machine parts may be dripping on the wallpaper at run time.

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