Precautions when sticking PVC wallpaper

- Jun 15, 2018 -

Common wall problems and solutions

1. The new cement wall must be clean and dry, preferably with a drying time of 4 months without floating ash.

2. In the old plastic wallpaper, the plastic layer on the surface needs to be completely scraped with a toothed scraper so that the water can penetrate into the inner layer, soak the wallpaper, soften the glue of the old wallpaper, and wait for a period of time before removing it. And use sandpaper to remove any remaining paper on the wall.

3. The filler is applied to the pit wall of the wall with putty. It is recommended that the wall surface be covered with a wallpaper base film to protect the wall surface, and it is favorable for moisture and mold.

4. If the wall has been subjected to a tide, it is best to use a wallpaper base film for special treatment to kill mold.

5. If the side of the wall is a bathroom, the interior wall of the bathroom must be specially treated with a wallpaper base film. Otherwise, the wall will be exposed to moisture for a long period of time and the wallpaper glue will fail.

6. Do not affix wallpaper on the wet parts of the wall. After finding and removing the source of moisture, treat it symptomatically.

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