Problems Facing in Construction Process and Countermeasures

- Mar 02, 2018 -

Problems Facing in Construction Process and Countermeasures

 1. wallpaper cracks on the seam: softening time is too long, too much expansion, dry after the formation of shrinkage, sticking force scraper too much, excessive wallpaper stretch, dry shrinkage formed. Sun exposure, blowing breeze, causing uneven contraction, the formation of local dry shrinkage cracking. With the knife on the sewing process, the knife repeat, significant sewing. Construction site poor lighting, the operator is not strict on the seam.

2. Wallpaper off the gum: brush when there is a leakage of plastic brush and less than the amount caused. Scraper did not rush the air bubble, a bubble isolated, the wallpaper is not glued to the base surface. Moist wall, adhesive quit, the wall exudes moisture, the wallpaper muster open plastic. Brush the bottom of the oil failed to close the wall, so that the walls of alkaline or other wallpaper can cause deterioration of the chemical giants pan, causing the adhesive failure, the wallpaper opened plastic. As long as the above situation can be avoided, you can prevent and cure. If there is a bubble, the surface of the wallpaper can be released with a pinhole gas, and then inject the needle into the adhesive, with a scraper to level compaction. 3, after the end of the wallpaper posts the overall effect of the pattern asymmetry in the front paste frame, from the wall to the centerline of the entire row to ensure that the center pattern is complete, on both sides of the incomplete symmetrical pattern. Or from both sides of the width, so that both sides of the pattern intact, discharged to the center line to form a larger or smaller than the full pattern of symmetrical patterns, so as to ensure the overall symmetry.

4, the front of the wallpaper adhesive pollution: brushing glue, uniform amount, scraper pressure, no excess glue squeezed out from the seam can be avoided. The operator is careful not to pollute the wall

 5, irregular wallpaper edges, burrs, cracks: wallpaper knife cutting, the blade is not caused by sharp. Cutting material is not long enough, flawed. A variety of closing edge and the base gap (uneven surface).

 6, the wallpaper through the light refraction, surface brightness and uneven color :. Do not flower wallpaper did not follow the direction of paste. The same type of paper, lot number and production date is different. Seams at the adhesive is not scrub clean, dried to form a layer of plastic film, the film makes the wallpaper in the light refraction appear uneven phenomenon.

7, pattern pull away type, not straight: uneven surface, the width of the wall up and down different, paste can not be caused by vertical paste. Construction, operator scraper process is not caused.

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