Professional PVC wallpaper construction

- Mar 14, 2018 -

1. What should be done to the wall before putting up wallpaper?

1) cement and brick wall: it is relatively flat in itself, and it can be applied to wallpaper after it is coated with putty.

2) gypsum board, plywood and joinery board: there is a joint, so make up the seam before leveling.

Fill seam with putty: as long as add more white glue (vinyl acetate resin), make seam strong, won't crack.

Batch putty: just add a small amount of white glue to the sand mill.

3) gypsum powder and white glue replace the putty with putty, which can accelerate drying and shorten construction time.

4) powdery wall: that is, the wall has not strong powder to exist, should sand mill to remove, whole flat, brush the wallpaper base film to be able to stick wallpaper.

5) light wall: that is, the wall is very smooth (for example, painted walls), not easy to absorb glue, not easy to dry, and the adhesion will be reduced, so it is necessary to wear the wallpaper after grinding.

6) the coating wall is suitable for changing wallpaper, but it is necessary to finish the sand grinding process before applying the wallpaper base film. The metope pretreatment that adheres wallpaper is in fact and brush coating metope pretreatment basically is same.

2. How to check the construction quality of wallpaper?

After the construction of the wall paper, there is no obvious seam in the 1.5m visual paper; Mounting firmly, no open seam, no empty drum, edge, creases; Uniform color, no stain, no margin, no glue mark and indentation; The pattern is correct, the pattern of the joint is consistent, and there is no joint at the Angle of Yin and Yang.

3. What should I notice when the wallpaper is finished?

1) after the wallpaper has been pasted, the doors and Windows should be closed for 2-3 days to allow the wallpaper to dry naturally. Be sure not to turn on the air conditioning equipment such as heating, lest the wall paper shrink violently to cause opening.

2) during wet season, doors and Windows should be opened during the day to prevent moisture from invading.

3) the glue surface wall paper has a certain resistance to scrubbing, so, if stained, can be wiped gently with soap or other cleaning agent.

4) for the wallpaper with embossed patterns, use the vacuum cleaner every 2 to 3 months.

5) be careful not to hit or rub the wall with the back of the chair or the table, so as not to damage the wall.

This way, you use wallpaper to decorate a bedroom, still can maintain a beautiful, clean effect after several years.

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