Pvc wallpaper industry status quo

- Mar 19, 2018 -

First, suit plagiarism

The phenomenon of plagiarism is more common in the wallpaper industry, especially for those small and medium-sized wallpaper companies that do not have professional designers.

Second, free increase

Although some wallpaper companies have good quality products, they are quite expensive. This has both the problems of wallpaper manufacturers and the problems of agents. It is understood that some wallpaper manufacturers sell their products to dealers at wholesale prices, and agents randomly increase their prices during the sales process.

Third, wantonly exaggerated propaganda

I am the first in Europe. Is there a first place in this market? You say that the number of European sales, take the data out to see, for many years did not rise or fall? Ah

Fourth, blowing foreign wind

The domestic and foreign wallpapers and imported wallpapers will be judged by consumers. Imported equipment, imported paper, imported technology, or pure domestic wallpapers will not be confident. Will only blindly say that imports.

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