Pvc wallpaper knowledge introduction

- Jun 20, 2018 -

The surface of the so-called PVC wallpaper mainly uses polyvinyl chloride resin, PVC wallpaper mainly has the following three:

A, common type - 80g/m2 paper is used as paper base, 100g/m2 PVC resin is applied on the surface. The surface decoration method is usually a combination of printing, embossing, or printing and embossing.

B. Foaming type - 100g/m2 paper is used as paper base, 300-400g/m2 PVC resin is applied on the surface. According to the size of the expansion ratio, there are low foaming and high foaming, respectively. The surface of high-foaming wallpaper is elastic and has a certain sound-absorbing effect.

C. Functional type - Water-resistant wallpaper is made of glass fiber cloth as base material, which can be used to decorate the wall of bathroom and bathroom; fireproof wallpaper is made of 100-200g/m2 asbestos paper, and it is used in PVC surface material. Incorporate flame retardants.

PVC wallpaper has a certain waterproof, easy construction. After surface contamination, wipe with a clean sponge or towel.

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