PVC wallpaper mainly has the following three

- Jun 04, 2018 -

A, common type - 80g/m2 paper is used as paper base, 100g/m2 PVC resin is applied on the surface. The surface decoration method is usually a combination of printing, embossing, or printing and embossing.

B. Foaming type - 100g/m2 paper is used as paper base, 300-400g/m2 PVC resin is applied on the surface. According to the size of the expansion ratio, there are low foaming and high foaming, respectively. The surface of high-foaming wallpaper is elastic and has a certain sound-absorbing effect.

C. Functional type - Water-resistant wallpaper is made of glass fiber cloth as base material, which can be used to decorate the wall of bathroom and bathroom; fireproof wallpaper is made of 100-200g/m2 asbestos paper, and it is used in PVC surface material. Incorporate flame retardants.

PVC wallpaper has a certain waterproof, easy construction. After surface contamination, wipe with a clean sponge or towel.

Pvc wallpaper knowledge introduction

(1) PVC coated wallpaper (based on pure paper, non-woven fabric or woven fabric)

With pure paper, non-woven fabrics, and woven fabrics as substrates, PVC paste resin is sprayed on the surface of the substrate, and then processed by processes such as printing and embossing. After this type of wallpaper is foamed, it can produce a strong three-dimensional effect, and can be made into a variety of realistic texture effects, such as imitation wood, imitation brocade, imitation tiles, etc., have a strong texture and better ventilation Sex, able to withstand the erosion of grease and moisture, can be used in the kitchen and bathroom, suitable for almost all home places.

(2) PVC plastic surface wallpaper (based on pure paper or fabric)

This kind of wallpaper is covered with a layer of polyvinyl chloride film on the bottom layer of pure paper (or non-woven fabric, the bottom layer of the spinning fabric), and is made by the processes of compounding, embossing, and printing. This kind of wallpaper has fine print, good embossed texture, good waterproof and moisture resistance, durability, and easy maintenance. This kind of wallpaper is the most commonly used and widely used wallpaper at present, and it can be widely used in all home and commercial places.

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