PVC Wallpaper quality standards for decoration notice

- Mar 20, 2018 -

Nowadays, wallpaper has become an ornament frequently used in home improvement. Due to the wide variety of styles, it can bring different demands to consumers. However, if the quality of the wallpaper is not standard enough and the technology is not enough, the wallpaper is also harmful to us. . Today explain in detail the wallpaper's quality standards and technical indicators. I hope to help friends who want to decorate the wall with wallpaper!

A: The appearance quality standard of wallpaper (PVC):

The requirements for wallpaper appearance quality inspection are as follows:

When checking the appearance quality of the wallpaper, visually check under adequate lighting conditions (in sunny weather, the light of the north window) and if necessary, use a standard light source box. In particular, color difference inspection can be based on this item to explain the color difference at the construction site.

The items related to the appearance of wallpapers in GB50210-2001 “Code for Quality Acceptance of Building Decoration Engineering”

Patchwork: After gluing, the splicing shall be horizontal and vertical. The splicing pattern and pattern shall be consistent, and shall not be separated from the seam, not overlapped, and the seam shall not be apparent.

Inspection method: observation; patchwork inspection 1.5m from the wall surface.

The surface of the wallpaper and wall covering after the application of the paste shall be smooth and uniform in color, and may not have ripples, bubbles, cracks, wrinkles, or spot stains. There shall be no glue marks when squinting.

Inspection methods: observation; hand touch inspection.

Wallpaper's flame retardant standard (fire performance):

GB8624-2006 "Classification method for combustion performance of building materials"

First of all, the fire performance testing of oxygen index is the wrong method.

The correct method is to test the wallpaper in the fireproof standard GB8624-2006 "Classification of combustion performance of building materials and products".

At present, in the new standard, tests and assessments for B and C grades, corresponding to the old specification GB8624-1997 B1; new test methods specified in the standard GB8624-2006, taking into account the actual fire scene, but also consider the material End-use, so more practical representation.

The test item is not an oxygen index but controls the following indicators.

1. Burning length of sample

2. The speed of burning

3. The length of horizontal spread of flame

4. Total heat release.

II: Technical indicators of anti-static wallpaper:

When the surface resistance of plastics and products is greater than 1010, static electricity is easily generated.

Anti-static wallpaper requires surface resistance ≦1010, can play a certain anti-static effect.

Three: Antibacterial wallpaper technical indicators:

JIS Z 2801:2000 "Determination and evaluation of antimicrobial properties of antimicrobial products"

At present, there are two kinds of antibacterial wallpaper on the market.

1. A kind of multi-film antibacterial wallpaper, which is realized by compounding a special antibacterial film on the surface of ordinary wallpaper;

2. One is to add antibacterial wallpaper, is to directly add antibacterial agent to PVC wallpaper to achieve.

It is generally tested according to JIS Z 2801:2000 "Determination and Evaluation of Antibacterial Properties of Antibacterial Products", and the antibacterial rate against common Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is more than 99%.

After everyone understands the quality standards and technical indicators of the above wallpaper, I believe everyone will have a deeper understanding of the wallpaper's purchase, and I hope to help you in the future when purchasing wallpaper.

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