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- Mar 28, 2018 -

Why do some people think that wallpaper use time is short?

A: First, people think that wallpaper is easy to fall off. This is not a problem with the wallpaper itself, but with the sticking process and glue quality problems. In the past, 107 or milk white glues were used in the water paste method. The glue brushing was not uniform, and the paste was not firm. It was easy to wind up and fall off, resulting in a short service life of the wallpaper. Now use wallpaper special glue paste, use dry stick method, glue evenly. Completely avoided this internal problem.

Second, many people think that wallpapering will take decades or even a lifetime. It is an old idea to change frequently and bother to waste money. The biggest feature of wallpaper is that it can be updated at any time, often changing the atmosphere of living space, often fresh, spending a little money and time to replace the wallpaper a few years, is undoubtedly a spiritual adjustment and enjoyment. Foreign developed countries generally exchange wallpapers for a year, and some Christmas and birthdays will have to be replaced. According to China's current economic level, it can be done for several years.

How to buy wallpaper according to your own needs?

Answer: The selection should mainly be based on the specific environmental conditions of your home. Generally, you should consider the following aspects:

1, according to the owner's age and preferences to choose. The elderly's living room requires simplicity and dignity. The colors should be elegant, green and blue. The patterns should be delicate and meticulous; the children's bedroom should be cheerful and lively, full of vigor and vitality, the colors are novel, the patterns can be selected, cartoon characters, and fairy tales. , building blocks or flower clusters; young people should be accompanied by a cheerful, relaxed sense of the pattern.

2, combined with the furnishings of the room to choose. For example, a traditional Chinese style living room is equipped with a coffee table, a large chair, a table of eight immortals, etc. The wallpaper should be coordinated with this. Light brown, silver-gray, etc. should be used, so that it looks simple and solemn.

?? If it is a modern style living room, indoor furnishings sofa, steel or varnished white wood furniture, wallpaper should use light pale background, pattern patterns are mainly line block. Always pay attention to the color of the furniture and the ground.

3, according to the size of the room and use to choose. The spacious room, with large flowers or wide strips, can make the room fuller. Smaller rooms, more furniture, should use fine-grained, light-colored wallpaper to expand space.

The room is dark and light warm colors are appropriate. The room is bright, bright and spacious, and dark colors can be used to show the atmosphere of the room.

?? The living room should use elegant color, simple and neat pattern wallpaper; bedroom with warm colors, decorative patterns for the ideal, easy to form a sweet and warm atmosphere. Kitchen, bathroom

Students should choose bright, washable wallpaper.

4. Pay attention to the selection based on the visual effects of large area stickers. The effect of sample size and large-area decoration of the product sample can cause visual errors due to the distance and the spatial configuration. If you look at the sample sometimes, it's fine, but after you've covered a large area of the wall, it's unsatisfactory.

5, consider the technical conditions of the wallpaper. Including appearance, fading, strength, abrasion resistance, and workability. Appearance is the main factor affecting the decorative effect, generally does not allow the phenomenon of punctuation, blemishes, missing prints, color turbidity, and obvious ghosting.

Nine, choose wallpaper patterns and colors there is no skill?

A: The selection of flower patterns and colors is a matter of thought. Here we can make some simple introductions for customers' reference.

1, the color of the wallpaper can affect people's emotions. Warm colors and bright colors have an activating effect on people's emotions. They are suitable for use in restaurants and living rooms. Cool and low-bright colors can make people concentrate and have emotional stability. They are suitable for use in the study.

2. The vertical stripe pattern increases the room height. Long-striped pattern wallpaper is one of the most successful choices for its long-lasting, classical, modern and traditional features. It can spread colors in the most effective way across the entire wall and is simple and elegant. , very easy to match with other patterns. Slightly wide strips are suitable for use in large, fluid spaces, which can extend the effect of the tall rooms to the left and right; narrower patterns are more suitable for use in small rooms, which can produce shorter rooms. The effect of the upward guide.

3, large flower patterns reduce the sense of restraint at home. Some of the flowers are vivid and intense in color, and there is a sense of desperation in the distance. This kind of wallpaper can reduce the sense of restraint in the room, and is suitable for rooms where the pattern is relatively bland. Since most of these patterns are more exaggerated, they should generally be combined with European classical furniture. People who prefer modern and simple furniture are better off choosing this type of wallpaper.

4, the pattern of small rules to add a sense of order in the room. Regular patterns can provide a background that is neither exaggerative nor too bland. The furniture you like will fully reveal its features in front of the background. If you choose the wallpaper for the first time, choose this type of wallpaper Safety.

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