PVC1.06 meters wide-format wallpaper European style introduction

- Mar 19, 2018 -

When we hear the word "Europe", we naturally think of pronouns like atmosphere and luxury.

However, now that the European style has been added to the original foundation, it has added a simple and simple rural atmosphere. Therefore, it cannot be completely summarized. The European style is different from Chinese culture and art in terms of connotation and subtlety. On the contrary, they are very impressive and bold in design. One grid, let's take a closer look at the European wallpaper.

European wallpaper (1)

European style wallpaper texture elegant rural style. Different from the traditional European style, it is no longer a representative of luxury but a kind of natural and beautiful style. The evolution of European style is the depth of European art and culture. At present, many young people like European-style works. In general, the West is a humanistic country. It is designed around people and reflects people's enjoyment of a better life. The intention is to tailor artwork according to the specific needs of people.

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Europe is a country composed of many countries. The expression of art in each period also varies greatly. Therefore, European-style wallpaper textures also show a multi-national and multi-stage cultural and artistic connotation. According to different periods, they are often divided into: classical style, mid-century style, Renaissance style, baroque style, neoclassical style, rococo style, etc. Among them, classical style is divided into ancient Rome style and ancient Greek style. According to different regional cultures, there are: Mediterranean style, French Baroque style, British Baroque style, Nordic style, American style and so on. Different forms of art can produce different decorative effects, giving us a level, multi-cultural and multi-element choice in our home life.

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European style wallpaper texture Mediterranean style. Mediterranean-style wallpaper is also very rendering, in the art selection of bright yellow and black, giving a mature and visual enjoyment, is an atmospheric design drawings, generally select such drawings, the requirements of our house is high, Its decoration effect must be reflected in a large room. Small rooms cannot achieve this effect. Instead, they will be counterproductive. The space in the room becomes narrow, giving people the feeling of depression and suffocation.

European wallpaper (4)

The choice of what kind of texture is also related to the style of the room's decoration. European-style architectural decoration will generally use white paint to give people a sense of holiness. The choice of stickers for this type of decoration style cannot be chosen too dark. And it's a flagship fresh air, so the color can not be too bright, mainly elegant, the wallpaper on the wall can match, do not necessarily choose to agree with the style, so that there is no sense of leveling in it.

European Wallpaper (5)

European-style wallpaper texture with a classic style is generally more colorful in color, and the effect of this type of decoration is often given the atmosphere, luxury feeling. Very European classical style will choose golden yellow as the main color of the wall, but this texture is a pink and gray combination in the choice of color, on the basis of luxury more grace and calm state.

European wallpaper (6)

Now the European style is mainly popular in Baroque style, Baroque style it mainly originated in the Renaissance movement of the seventeenth century, Italy, its main artistic performance characteristics are: luxury, with religious features and hedonistic colors; in a big In terms of degree, the Baroque style is a kind of passionate art, emphasizing the artist's rich imagination; and emphasizing that the movement, movement and change are the soul of Baroque art. In the shape, circles, ellipses, and arcs are used to express the vitality of the work.

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The Mediterranean style we talked about above is totally different from its expression style. The Mediterranean-style design works usually use simple colors, red-tile white walls, and numerous cloisters, halls, hallways. The Mediterranean Sea is a place surrounded by the sea, where most of us can see the blue ocean, so we design the atmosphere of the sea, have a view of the sea, and design a so-called passive cooling effect of the touch of the wind. feel.

European wallpaper (eight)

However, it should be noted that because of the European-style style of natural air, we choose the European style wallpaper texture when considering the size of the room, the effect of the decoration must be coordinated.

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