Six Standards of High Quality Deep Embossed PVC Wallpaper

- Jan 18, 2018 -

1.The cloth grain feeling is strong, the hand feels soft.

The quality of cloth texture is mainly determined by the stability of the formula, embossing roller and embossing machine. Pure hand-carved embossing roll embossing is exquisite, colour and lustre is uniform, the effect of the temperature of the imported equipment, speed is full automatic control, production out of the wallpaper color stability, no color difference, plus imports of raw materials formula, the resulting handle delicate, glossy soft fabric effect.

2.Realistic nature, the imitation is high.

Deep embossing quality is an important feature of the wallpaper is simulation is high, the simulation is the meaning of the pattern has been restored to the extent of the real things, its key technology is still embossing process of dealing with the use of color gradient, the higher the degree of simulation its adornment effect more realistic nature.

3.Distinct, texture delicate.

Layer feeling is stronger more have visual impact, adornment effect is more luxurious. The key technology is to carving level embossing roll and embossing machine, manual sculpture embossing roll, fruity effect, its shape is distinct, texture clear, especially on the bottom of the handle real clever. For example, petals, flowers, stems, flowers and leaves are clearly visible, flexible and distinct. At the same time, the extreme application of color separation and color matching is also the main factor to highlight the layer sense.

4.The color is pure, collocation is harmonious.

Color is the lifeblood of the final effect of wallpaper, the most critical technology of wallpaper, the influencing factors include three aspects: toning, color separation and color matching. The color effect is close to the natural color, which reflects the real and vivid effect. Color separation naturally refers to various layers of color overlay when printing, and finally shows a good transition and gradual effect. Color coordination refers to the collocation of various colors, especially the color collocation of the shading and decorative pattern should be coordinated and comfortable, and the atmosphere is high-grade, to achieve lasting and pleasing decoration effect.

5. Overprinter precision and stable pressure.

Overprint overprinting refers to the shape of the embossed pattern in the production process of the wallpaper. The process difficulty level is higher, usually computer sets of embossing machine than manual flowers embossing machine more stable and reliable, and the highest level embossing equipment in the world today is Britain MaiXun company's equipment, and the degree of automation and stability is the top.

6. Mild smell and healthy environment.

To obtain perfect decorative effect, deep embossing wallpaper the raw materials used to achieve the highest standard, adopt the most advanced printing ink, environmental indicators should be certified by authority: such as ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the European Union CE certification, quality inspection report, product smell moderate, healthy environmental protection.


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