Some superior features of the wallpaper

- Mar 02, 2018 -

1. wallpaper has a relatively good wear resistance, anti-pollution, easy to clean and so on. Our first consideration in the family life is scrubbing, which is the first choice of a housewife. Compared with the latex paint, the performance of the wallpaper in this respect is extremely superior. Although the cleaning degree can not compare with the ceramic tile, the texture is slightly better than that of the ceramic tile. 2. Wallpaper has anti-cracking function. Life's experience tells us that there is no cracked latex paint! In the insulation board to do latex paint, whether it is added really good cloth or bandages, handing over after not how long, some cracks will be revealed, and the wallpaper can play well to avoid this defect. As long as the pavement in place, small cracks will not appear again. 3. wallpaper has a strong decorative effect. Different styles of wallpaper can create a different feeling of personality space. Whether it is simple style, country style, pastoral style, or Chinese, Western, classical, modern, wallpaper can outline a new feeling, which is latex paint or other wall materials can not be compared. 4. In color, the wallpaper can be a wall, reflecting the different colors, different depths, different brightness design. And paint or paint can only have one color on a wall. In stereoscopic effect, the wallpaper can be in a wall, design a variety of different patterns and depth of the three-dimensional effect, and paint or paint can only have a single plane effect. In the design style, the wallpaper can design a variety of lines, such as cloth, linen, wood, stone, sand grain, silk lines, masonry, and other abstract lines, while the paint and paint can only have one Kinds of lines. 5. Pavement is simple: Now many real estate submitted only waterproof putty, just put the original putty on the polished and then a thin layer of varnish coating or basement membrane can be paved wallpaper, compared to the ease of processing latex paint More, and wallpaper paving time is short, can greatly reduce the duration!

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